Where to stay in Atlanta

Premium hotels at discounted rates

There are a few hotels left in our room block, now through May 4:

  • Atlanta Marriott Marquis until 4/29
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown until 4/29
  • Embassy Suites until 5/1
  • Hyatt Regency until 5/4 

Book your hotel through Travel Planners, the official AIA Housing vendor for AIA Convention 2015, to receive the lowest rates, free shuttle service between the convention center and hotels, and on-site customer service.

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Please note that we cannot resolve customer service issues for reservations not made through Travel Planners.

Housing poachers
Several AIA Convention 2015 exhibitors and attendees have been approached with hotel room offers by unofficial vendors who are not affiliated with AIA. Reserving with a poacher is risky. It is typical for a lower rate to be advertised for a room that may not actually be available, and cancellations are nonrefundable. Many poachers go out of business shortly after taking reservations, leaving buyers stranded.

Travel Planners is the sole official housing company for AIA Convention 2015. Booking through them ensures competitive rates, protects in cases of overbooking, and offers AIA customer support. We recommend booking directly through Travel Planners. Contact AIA with any questions at conventionhousing@aia.org.


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