Handouts, Transcripts, and Credit Requests

Convention Handouts

If you’re looking for handouts or other supplemental materials provided by convention speakers, you can access them through the convention website or the 2013 convention app

On the Web site, use the “Program Search” to find the convention programs you’re attending, and then click the program title to view its description. Click on the red “handouts” button in the description footer to download.

Transcripts and Credit Requests

Please review your CES member transcript online after convention to confirm we have an accurate record of you’re the programs you attended.

If you participated in a course that does not appear on your record, please send us an e-mail.  We will address your question within three weeks.  

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name, as it appeared on your convention registration
  • Your registration ID or AIA member number
  • The convention program code and title


Interns Earn IDP Credit

If you participate in NCARB’S Intern Development Program (IDP), you can receive Supplemental Experience from attending AIA approved courses.  One (1) AIA Learning Unit is equal to one (1) IDP elective hour.

Find out how to get IDP credit



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